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This is ITC's paid advanced ITCGOLD service including All ITCSilver SERVICE. It leads your global business to being successful as overseas marketing service with on-line / off-line supporting.

  • The benefits of ITCGold
  1. Includes All ITCSilver SERVICE
  2. Display up to 200 selling leads Priority Listing in buyer's search results.
  3. Display up to 200 buying leads Priority Listing in seller's search results.
  4. Adding Bulk products, with one click ! ( only in )
  5. Display up to 200 products - means that you can get better search result listing
  6. Priority Listing ( Show your information ahead of others )
  7. Send your message. ( unlimited )
  8. Add your PayPal code up to 50 products and sell your products ( get your payment to your own account ) ( only in )
  • Promotion with your Banner.
    • Banner advertisements on your  country page- ( 3 weeks )
    • 5.000. E-mail marketing for your company or product to our members. ( select country or category )
    • Banner on jewellery partners page ( During membership ) 
    1. AD Promotion Opportunities
      1. Featured Product section 3 products (Fixed Type: 3 weeks)
      2. Idea product section. 3 products  Trade Leads (3 weeks)
      3. One-A- Day :Banner or product on main page  (multi times)
      4. Banner advertisements on your  country page- ( 3 week )
      5. Verified Company service. Verified Company service - your company's search result and Home page will have  seal at �nTradeCenter to show buyers that your company is legally authenticated and verified. Certificate of soft copy will be also posted on your homepage and it will make your business more prosperous.

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